About Tiger-Rock

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is a National franchising company providing health, skills and fitness training through its franchisees’ Martial Arts programs for members of all ages. Our programs enrich their personal and professional lives in many ways.  Tiger-Rock programs are a blend of modern sport science, the latest research, and hundreds of years of martial arts tradition to provide you with the most effective experience available.

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International, we fit your busy schedule and on-the-go lifestyle. With a diverse selection of classes and times there are no excuses not to start today. Our academies are geared up with the essential elements of a great training workout and our academy owners stay current with the latest training methods. We offer a wide variety of adult and youth programs to ensure that each participant gets the best experience possible.  As each Tiger-Rock Academy is independently owned and operated, we encourage you to contact the academy of your choice for specific pricing information. A visit to the academy will help you learn even more.

How It All Started

In the early 1970’s, founder Art Monroe, Craig Kollars, and Bert Kollars decided to pursue their passion for the martial arts as a business opportunity.  Because of the bleak economic outlook in the Midwestern markets they decided that the population growth of the southern states represented the strongest opportunity for success.  Each founder starter his own school with a location in New Orleans, LA, Birmingham, AL, and Pensacola, FL.

In 1983 the International Taekwondo Alliance was formed to provide curriculum and operational support that would help progress the industry.  The International Taekwondo Alliance developed a unique system that created a balanced approach between eastern and western philosophies of training.  The curriculum and systems of operation created by the International Taekwondo Alliance enabled many individuals to begin to deliver a quality program to their own community. The International Taekwondo Alliance continued to grow and expand throughout the 90’s and into the new millennium.  As the number of academies grew so did the tools, services, and support offered to organizational members.

In 2008 the magnitude of the services that were being provided to members allowed International Taekwondo Alliance to transition into a martial arts franchise as Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International®.  Becoming a martial arts franchise has allowed Tiger-Rock to continue to develop a stronger national brand presence.  Nearly 30 years after the establishment of the ITA, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International® is just as dedicated to being the pioneers of innovation required in order to sustain traditional martial arts for future generations to enjoy.

The Mission

The mission of Tiger-Rock is to empower students by enriching their personal, artistic, and professional lives through Tiger-Rock training.  While providing students with the various benefits resulting from highly functional training, Tiger-Rock believes the highest purpose of our programs is to prepare students for the responsibilities of citizenship.  Tiger-Rock programs are about real and powerful experiences, resulting in the discovery of innate capabilities and a heightened sense of responsibility.  To that end, we encourage our students to use their knowledge to improve our communities through one act of leadership, public service, and mentoring at a time.

The Meaning of Tiger-Rock

Tiger-Rock is identified with the symbolism of the Siberian tiger, native to Korea and known for its power, prowess and sense of justice, but unfortunately endangered, just as our tenets are endangered values.  As the Tiger symbolizes justice and bravery, the Rock symbolizes the steadfast and immovable life spirit of the Korean and Western civilizations. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International believes that the success comes from honoring both Korean/Eastern cultural heritage and the philosophy of the Western mind dating back to the Athenian culture, the beginning of Western democratic thought.

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